Where culture merge with cycling.

The meeting spot for adventurous people exploring the backyard of Oslo


1200 km trails and roads

Highest elevation 717m

Countless lakes



/ Discover the backyard of Oslo


What better way to discover a city than by bike?

Just 10 km from the city center you can access Nordmarka, the most extensive and well maintained network of unpaved bicycle trails close to a city, in the world.


To visitors of Oslo, we at ROSL, would like to offer ourselves to help you explore our amazing resources, whether it be in the form of renting one of our amazing high end bicycles made by the new Norwegian brand FARA, or hire a personal tour from one

of our experienced guides or join our weekly group rides and meet and

ride with some of the locals.


Of course all are welcomed to come to ROSL and enjoy the ambiance and ask questions about our experiences in exploring the forested gem to the North.

Photos by Anders Husa,

Two foodies eating & Sirin Winge

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/ Rouleur bar & café, a meeting place for adventurers


The Rouleur bar guarantees a perfect cup of Scandinavian style cofffee using beans sourced around the world with a preference on Ethiopian and Kenyan. We have honed our skills on our fully manual Strietman espresso machine and would gladly pull you an a shot or two while you await service done on your bicycle.


The selection of wine is focused on underrated wine regions like Beaujolais and Muscadet, presenting new young producers making fresh wine in sync with natural processes.

Often “Vin de soif”, pure, fresh and drinkable wines wich is a perfect match for our rutique food meny, inspired by french, norwegian and japanese specialities. Pâté de campagne, rilette of duck, charcuterie plate, cheese and sausage. Every thursday you can enjoy fresh oysters in our oyster bar in colaboration with the local fish store Gutta Fra Havet.


We also have a small selection of handcrafted spirits and love herbal liqeuers like the locally made Marka Bitter and the classic Chartreuse. Try our signature drink “Nordmarka” or the more eclectic “Mont Ventoux” which has nothing in common with the mountain except for the boldness of it's composition. We also have, without a doubt, the best Gin & Tonics in town.


Contact us for reservations or events.

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/ Fara Cycling

The caliper brake version of the FARA road bicycle is a refined machine designed by professionals with decades of racing experience. It’s a semi aero frame that should handle the torque experienced climbing up the side of a fjord, equally as well, as slipping through a nordic headwind.


The industry standard setting Shimano group performs flawlessly kilometer after kilometer and the 3T cockpit has been the choice of pros for years. Wide profile rims have been chosen for the wheels for their undeniably superior cornering and aerodynamic qualities, as well as a larger footprint for better traction on gravel.


We hope you enjoy these bicycles from a new brand that is growing as fast as the Norwegian cycling scene.

Photo by Anders Husa

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/ Workshop


The workshop has begun anew as a service centre and showroom for the FARA brand of bicycles. It is also open for services on all bicycles, especially in road, gravel and touring bicycles.  Stop by or book an appointment with our mechanic so we can get you out riding as soon as possible.